Private Parties

Private Parties for Aesthetic Treatments in Thomaston, GA

If you’d like to come in for aesthetic treatments with your whole squad, we’d be happy to host you! Are you celebrating a special occasion or are you hoping to organize a long-overdue reunion with friends or family members? If you’ve got an event planned, or you’re keen to explore the benefits of aesthetic treatments and share the experience with your nearest and dearest, consider arranging a private party! Our office is very amenable to private aesthetic parties. There’s plenty of room to socialize and mingle while you and your friends get your favorite aesthetic treatments.

An aesthetic party is essentially the same as any other party, but there is one main difference. Our physicians at Peachstate Aesthetics will be in attendance to provide you and your guests with a variety of aesthetics treatments. During the course of the afternoon or evening, guests will be treated to treatment, and once the procedure is complete, they can get back to dancing, dining, and socializing with their coworkers, friends, or family members.

As the host of a Botox® party, you have creative control, and you can choose what to do at your party. Many people like to play games or host fun activities in addition to providing Botox treatment, and you can design an event that suits the occasion and caters for the guest list. Deep discounts are available to party hosts based on the size of your group.

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Meet The Physicians of Peachstate Aesthetics

Dr. Meagan Fussell Peachstate Aesthetics

Dr. Meagan Fussell

dr. Corey Fussell Peachstate Aesthetics

Dr. Corey Fussell

Dr. Corey Fussell and Dr. Meagan Fussell created Peachstate Aesthetics because they wanted to offer affordable , physician-driven aesthetic solutions for patients who don’t have time to drive 2 hours to metropolitan areas.  community for a physician-driven, concierge aesthetic practice that meets its patients where they are in their busy schedules. 

Both Dr. Corey and Dr. Meagan are board-certified family medicine physicians. For the past three years they have diligently practiced outpatient family medicine and are excited to make their transition to aesthetic medicine full-time. They find it both rewarding and gratifying to help their patients feel and look their absolute best with safe, innovative treatments that are customized to their needs. They strive to achieve balance between listening to their patients’ individual concerns and offering their unique perspectives and knowledge to help achieve the best results while never compromising on safety.

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