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Laser treatments harness the power of light to create brilliant, non-surgical body and facial rejuvenation results. With IPL treatments, you can effectively treat unwanted facial or body hair, remove tattoos, and treat hyperpigmentation or vascular lesions. IPL treatments penetrate deeply to erase the melanin in the hair follicles or pigmentation without the need for incisions or harsh topical chemicals. 

At Peachstate Aesthetics, we use the Spectrum Laser by Rohrer Aesthetics when conducting our laser skin treatments. This portable device is unique because of its combination of 4 lasers and Intense Pulsed Light therapy (IPL). Known to be safe and effective, IPL treatments can transform your skin and renew your confidence.

The expert board-certified physicians at Peachstate Aesthetics are all about customer convenience. After years of serving as family physicians, Dr. Corey Fussell and Dr. Meagan Fussell are excited to open Thomaston’s first physician owned and operated aesthetics boutique. Our goal is to offer cutting edge aesthetic treatments at affordable prices. We are excited to offer these services to our community. There’s no need to drive to the big city anymore to get your favorite aesthetic treatment! They established Peachstate Aesthetics so patients can schedule aesthetics treatments around their schedule.

Our expert physicians are proud to provide Spectrum laser and IPL treatments for a wide array of cosmetic concerns to patients in Central Georgia, including Columbus, Macon, McDonough, Augusta, and more. For more information about laser skin treatments, schedule your consultation today.

Peachstate Aesthetics before tattoo removal
Peachstate Aesthetics after tattoo removal

What Is IPL?

IPL is a treatment that utilizes intense pulsed light to address a variety of cosmetic and dermatologic concerns. The advanced treatments of IPL can permanently remove hair, tattoos, hyperpigmentation, and vascular lesions using light waves that absorb into pigments and the deeper layers of skin where collagen is produced. It represents one of the most significant advances in the field of skin rejuvenation. Learn more about IPL

Am I a Good Candidate for Spectrum Laser Treatments?

Nearly everyone is a good candidate for Spectrum laser treatments. Your physician at Peachstate Aesthetics will determine whether you’re a good candidate by doing a close evaluation of your skin type and tone. 

We want our patients to receive the best results from their chosen service, so we take exceptional thought and care into determining which solutions are the safest and most effective for their individual needs. While Spectrum treatments are safe when performed by trained, licensed professionals, this procedure is not deemed suitable for patients who: 

What Can Spectrum Laser Treat?

Spectrum by Rohrer Aesthetics includes 4 types of lasers plus the non-ablative benefits of IPL. It can be customized to address many common skin concerns, including:

Hyperpigmentation isn’t necessarily a skin condition, but a term for skin that appears darker. There are several different types of hyperpigmentation, including melasma, sunspots, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The most common cause of hyperpigmentation is an excess production of melanin—the pigment that gives the skin its color. Spectrum is an excellent choice for diffusing hyperpigmentation as well as localized vascular pigmented lesions. The light from the device targets the treatment area where melanin is concentrated, resulting in too much pigment. Spots and discoloration are broken apart by the light energy and fade over time.

Broken capillaries look like red spidery veins beneath the skin. They are actually tiny blood vessels that have ruptured and become visible through the skin in red streaks or blotches. There are several things that can cause broken capillaries, including injury to the skin, genetics, aging, environmental factors, and hormonal changes. The light energy from Spectrum is absorbed into these concentrated areas of melanin and hemoglobin. Once broken apart, the concentrated hemoglobin can be processed and flushed from the body, leaving your skin with an even tone.

Tattoos only increase in popularity with each passing year. People enjoy carrying artwork on their bodies that may represent themselves. Unfortunately, not all tattoos end up the way we want them to or perhaps you’ve outgrown the tattoo you received years ago. The Spectrum device features a Q-switch laser that is efficient at targeting the ink used in tattoos. Most pigments, newer or older, can be broken down gradually by the thermal energy within the Q-switch technology, resulting in clear, ink-free skin.

Unwanted hair can be a problem of the past after Spectrum laser treatment. To eliminate unwanted hair in large or small areas, the Spectrum device is adjusted to the 810 nm diode laser mode. Hair starts thinning and brushes off after just one session. For long-term hair reduction, patients need to complete a series of five to ten treatments scheduled several weeks apart. The intervals of laser hair removal address several stages of hair growth and continuously disables the follicles from future hair growth.

Erbium Yag laser treatments are known for optimal skin rejuvenation results. As we age and lose collagen, we notice the signs of sun damage and pigment changes caused by hormones and other factors. Laser resurfacing is commonly used to refresh skin tone and soften texture on the face, neck, hands, and chest—areas where sun damage is most prevalent.

Are Treatments with the Spectrum Laser Painful?

Most patients tolerate the treatments very well. The intense wavelengths of light are delivered in ultra-fast pulses. As the thermal energy comes into contact with its target and the light is absorbed, a snapping sensation will occur. As treatment progresses, it is possible for the skin to feel warm, but not painfully hot. Patients describe the treatments as mildly uncomfortable at certain points especially during tattoo removals.

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Aesthetics Services Convenient for You

At Peachstate Aesthetics, we have identified a need for accessible, affordable cosmetic treatments for busy women and men who don’t have time in their schedules to plan their procedure weeks ahead at an out-of-town clinic. Come in and visit us at Thomaston’s only physician owned and operated dermaesthetics practice.

Are There Any Side Effects of Spectrum Treatments?

The side effects of Spectrum treatments are generally mild and resolve themselves quickly. They include the following:

These side effects can be managed by carefully following any post-treatment care instructions. The side effects tend to resolve themselves a little more each day. Usually, after one week, they will have resolved completely, and patients begin to see the treatment benefits.

Meet The Physicians of Peachstate Aesthetics

Dr. Meagan Fussell Peachstate Aesthetics

Dr. Meagan Fussell

dr. Corey Fussell Peachstate Aesthetics

Dr. Corey Fussell

Dr. Corey Fussell and Dr. Meagan Fussell created Peachstate Aesthetics because they wanted to offer affordable , physician-driven aesthetic solutions for patients who don’t have time to drive 2 hours to metropolitan areas.  community for a physician-driven, concierge aesthetic practice that meets its patients where they are in their busy schedules. 

Both Dr. Corey and Dr. Meagan are board-certified family medicine physicians. For the past three years they have diligently practiced outpatient family medicine and are excited to make their transition to aesthetic medicine full-time. They find it both rewarding and gratifying to help their patients feel and look their absolute best with safe, innovative treatments that are customized to their needs. They strive to achieve balance between listening to their patients’ individual concerns and offering their unique perspectives and knowledge to help achieve the best results while never compromising on safety.

Are There Any Side Effects of Spectrum Treatments?

You will begin to feel and see the results immediately following your first session. Pigmentation will be lighter, unwanted hair will be thinner, and tattoos will be lighter. Positive results are usually reported two to four weeks after your fourth session and will only continue to improve for several weeks following the treatment.

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