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The name Botox® is often used synonymously with non-surgical injection because for many years, Botox was the only injectable treatment for dynamic wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Most people will still automatically turn to this compound when they want to smooth frown lines or crow’s feet because it’s familiar. However, today, there are several options that can do the same thing as Botox with arguably more benefits. Similar injectables, like Dysport®, Xeomin®, and  Jeuveau®, allow patients to explore different options with multiple neuromodulators. Though all these different products share the same way they are able to achieve their results, they also have some important differences that are worth noting. Newer neurotoxins such as Jeaveau are known for setting up in less time than Botox.  Now, you won’t need to wait two weeks to see the results of your injections. Many report weakening of muscular contraction within three days and full paralysis by seven.  Several studies also suggest that Jeaveau lasts longer than Botox.  

Our physician team, Dr. Corey Fussell and Dr. Meagan Fussell, use the amazing effects of Jeuveau to turn back the hands of time and smooth wrinkles, such as frown lines and crow’s feet, while never compromising your health and safety. At Peachstate Aesthetics, we are all about convenience. We provide concierge aesthetic and wellness treatments throughout Central Georgia. We understand that modern women and men have demanding schedules, and often find it hard to take time out of their busy lives for self-care. We want to make taking care of yourself more convenient with customizable treatments by our doctors.

To learn more about Jeuveau treatments with Peachstate Aesthetics, schedule your appointment today! We serve patients in Columbus, Macon, McDonough, Augusta, and other Central Georgia locations.

What Is Jeuveau?

Jeuveau, also known as “new Tox,” uses a purified botulinum toxin that temporarily relaxes the small muscle groups that cause dynamic wrinkles beneath the skin. When these compounds are injected into the muscle tissue, they block the nerve signals so that the brain can no longer instruct treated muscles to move.

Though they work very similarly to each other, Jeuveau and Botox are made by different manufacturers.Jeuveau uses a slightly different form of the toxin botulinum than Botox does. Botox contains onabotulinumtoxinA and Jeuveau contains prabotulinumtoxinA. Both compounds share a similar safety profile and are equally as effective for treated fine lines and wrinkles.

What Is a Neurotoxin?

A concern that many patients want to address when trying Botox, Dysport, or Jeuveau is their potential toxicity.  Although these compounds are derived from a neurotoxin that, if consumed orally, can cause severe illness, it is considered quite safe when injected at the appropriate dose and location. Neurotoxins are compounds that alter the function of nerve tissue by blocking chemical signals that cause the muscle to contract, which makes them great for treating lines and wrinkles caused by muscle contractions of the face.

After Botox or Jeuveau temporarily relaxes nerve cells in a specific area, the results typically last about two  to six months. When used as a cosmetic treatment, neurotoxins like Botox or Jeuveau don’t harm the skin or muscle, so patients don’t have to worry about any permanent alterations to their appearance. 

How Does Jeuveau Work?

Neuromodulators like Jeuveau target the facial muscles that lead to the formation of some types of wrinkles. By relaxing these muscles, the toxin smooths lines that appear when you make certain facial expressions. When administered correctly, Jeuveau produces a relaxed, refreshed appearance without looking “frozen.” Dr. Meagan or Dr. Corey are known injection experts and are skilled in precision needle placements and appropriate dosages to ensure your results are both natural and beautiful.

How Long Do the Results of Jeuveau Last?

No neuromodulator can last forever; the effects of Jeuveau can last from two to six  months, depending on how you care for your skin. There are several ways that you can extend your results:

Set up a long-term treatment plan. By having regular treatments, your muscles and skin will remain smooth preventing “rebound wrinkles.”

Follow proper aftercare protocol given to you by your doctor. Don’t vigorously scrub or massage your face for 24 hours after having Botox or Jeuveau injection. Don’t have tightening or laser treatments that heat the skin for at least 3 days after your injections, as heat can make the neurotoxin less effective.

Stay out of the sun. While sunlight doesn’t prevent Botox from working, it does speed up the skin’s aging process. Sunlight breaks down collagen and elastin, making the skin thinner, weaker, and more prone to developing wrinkles.

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What to Expect From a Jeuveau Treatment

Before your treatment, Dr. Meagan or Dr. Corey will discuss your aesthetic goals in detail and ensure you understand how Jeuveau will help you. We will devise a treatment plan that targets your specific areas of concern. The treatment plan will take into account your facial structure, features, and desired aesthetic outcome. Once treatment areas are determined, we will begin marking those areas. Then, an anesthetic cream will be applied to the skin to help alleviate discomfort before the injections take place. Finally, the appropriate number of units of Jeuveau will be injected with a very fine needle to the areas that need smoothing.

Because the needle being used is incredibly fine, the procedure is generally painless. You may notice some mild tenderness and redness around the injection sites for the first 24 to 48 hours, but these symptoms should fade naturally over time. You’re free to return to your normal activities immediately after having your Jeuveau treatment.

Meet The Physicians of Peachstate Aesthetics

Dr. Meagan Fussell Peachstate Aesthetics

Dr. Meagan Fussell

dr. Corey Fussell Peachstate Aesthetics

Dr. Corey Fussell

Dr. Corey Fussell and Dr. Meagan Fussell created Peachstate Aesthetics because they wanted to offer affordable , physician-driven aesthetic solutions for patients who don’t have time to drive 2 hours to metropolitan areas.  community for a physician-driven, concierge aesthetic practice that meets its patients where they are in their busy schedules. 

Both Dr. Corey and Dr. Meagan are board-certified family medicine physicians. For the past three years they have diligently practiced outpatient family medicine and are excited to make their transition to aesthetic medicine full-time. They find it both rewarding and gratifying to help their patients feel and look their absolute best with safe, innovative treatments that are customized to their needs. They strive to achieve balance between listening to their patients’ individual concerns and offering their unique perspectives and knowledge to help achieve the best results while never compromising on safety.

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FAQS: Jeuveau in Thomaston, GA

One of the benefits of non-invasive injections is that there is no need for downtime or recovery! However, you should be cautious to avoid rubbing the injection site since this can shift the toxin and increase the risk of side effects. The most common side effects are bruising and swelling, but these should resolve within a few days. If you are satisfied with your results, you can return every 3-4 months as the effects naturally wear off.

Our doctors will first discuss what you are hoping to achieve so that they can determine how many injections you will need and where these injections will be placed. This is a quick procedure that only takes about 15 minutes and no downtime is required. Jeuveau will be injected into five sites around your frown lines and you will begin to notice results right away, although it will take about a week for the filler to settle. After that week, you will see the full results of smooth, youthful skin.

Immediately. Typically, there is no evidence that you had a treatment. Jeuveau begins to take effect between 2-3 days and maximal results are achieved at 7 days.

Avoid excess alcohol consumption 48 hours before your treatment. Please let our doctors know if you are taking aspirin or other anticoagulants daily. This is typically not a contraindication to treatment. In general, bruising is uncommon.

Botox and Jeuveau use the same ingredients, but the formulation differs. Jeuveau’s Hi-Pure technology takes added steps to remove dangerous proteins and to aid with absorption. This makes the product potentially safer. At the same time, safety comes down to the person administering the injectable.  

Treatment of wrinkles around the eyes and forehead last 3-4 months. Treatment of the upper lip involves smaller doses of Jeuveau and typically lasts 4-6 weeks.

We prefer to use a subtle approach when treating wrinkles so that some natural expression is preserved. Some patients prefer for certain areas to have no movement. Essentially, it’s up to each patient and their personal preference.

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